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Fight against global corruption: an asymmetric war

In the course of law enforcement work, U.S. Federal Agencies would seek information and meet with about anybody, if it potentially advances their agendas. Take Alex Saab, for many years Nicolas Maduro's favourite proxy and someone who went from bankruptcy to multi billionaire status much faster than Elon Musk. Saab was on the DEA's radar for a long time. Saab's partner in every last corrupt deal in Venezuela was a former head of Bogota's drug cartel.

Note to Alex Navalny: corruption rules the world.

The world's foremost anti corruption campaigner, Alex Navalny, wrote an article from prison recently that was published by The Guardian. In it, Navalny calls for a number of measures to be implemented, in the western world, so that  thugs like the ones ruling his country and mine can be stopped. I have news for Navalny: that call is as likely to happen as Putin or Maduro relinquishing power because their opposition is asking.

Corimon boss Carlos Gill got $30mn from Adrian Velazquez at Pictet

Compliance and KYC documents seen by this site show that Pictet opened three bank accounts (128588, 128589, 128590) for Adrian Velasquez and Carlos Gill in early December 2013. Isaac Topel was in charge of account openings on intros made by Alberto Valenzuela and Jose Antonio Gago. Accounts ending 88, 89 were for a credit card and a company belonging to Velasquez in Nevis. Account 128590 was for Gill.

[FAKE NEWS]: Diosdado, Salazar, Maduro, Samark & Chavez's daughter millions in Vatican Bank IOR

[UPDATED* PLEASE READ BELOW] On 3 January, Deacon Jorge Sonnante got in touch via DM. He sent me a link to a post about Pope Francis' alleged corruption, with a note asking whether I could help in making it viral. As a Venezuelan, I am naturally predisposed against authoritarianism, and in that regard Pope Francis is most certainly no John Paul II.

OFAC sanctions José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero's benefactors

OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro described best the actions of Spain's former Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero vis-a-vis Venezuela, when he said recently that Zapatero was "an imbecile". Almagro said that someone who needs seven clarifications to understand something must be an imbecile. Almagro does not know, though assumes as everyone else, that Zapatero is an apologist for Nicolas Maduro's regime, working hard towards keeping Maduro's criminal organization in power.

Why hasn't DoJ arrested Rafael Ramirez? Exhibit Andorra

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Rafael Ramirez, former concurrent Energy Minister and CEO of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), basically managed Venezuela's income between 2004-2014. While at the helm of PDVSA, over $1.2 trillion got past his hands. Ramirez is even on the record, admitting that he oversaw transfers between PDVSA and the Venezuelan State worth some $480 billion.

Catherine Belton v Putin's People

Any journalist, blogger, commentator that has ever been victimised by very powerful thugs and their detestable counsel ought to be following -with great interest- various class actions brought against Catherine Belton in London. The issue at hand is Belton's book, Putin's People, which gives a detailed account of how a bunch of thugs looted Russia -thanks to thug-in-chief Putin and his KGB, becoming oligarchs in the process.

Not all news that's fit to print

When it comes to Venezuela's corruption, this site has become a reference. Nowadays, we see banks (compliance departments), insurance companies, law enforcement, law firms, and international media playing catch up, devouring some of the stuff posted here over the years. It is quite unfortunate -and unethical- that stories first published here end up as exclusives, without attribution, in traditional media.

Odebrecht Gargantuan Corruption in Venezuela

A batch of official documents related to Odebrecht contracts in Venezuela has been leaked to this site. It is quite the task to recall similar corruption schemes, anywhere on earth. In short, Brazilian Presidents Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, as well as the highest echelons of the ruling Workers Party, acted as pawns in a gargantuan corruption scheme set up by Odebrecht.