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Spain's Anti Corruption Prosecutors charge Nervis Villalobos, Javier Alvarado, Duro Felguera.

Spain's anti corruption prosecutors Juan José Rosa Álvarez and José Grinda González presented criminal charges on July 4th against Nervis Villalobos and wife Milagros Torres, Javier Alvarado and wife Maria Consuelo Pardi and lover Cecirée Carolina Casanova, Luis Jesús Barrios Melean, Luis Carlos de León and wife Andreina Gámez Rodríguez, Julia Elba Van Den Brule, and Duro Felguera's executives Ángel Antonio del Valle Suárez and Juan Carlos Torres Inclán.

France's TRACFIN stops Luis Oberto's St Barts real estate sale to Kirill Pisarev

Gotham City reported this week: "Saint Barth: le PNF bloque la vente suspecte d'une villa à 28 millions: Une récente décision de justice révèle que l'oligarque russe Kirill Pisarev a tenté de racheter une propriété à Saint-Barthélemy évaluée à 28 millions d'euros à l'homme d'affaires vénézuélien Luis Oberto. Or tous deux sont visés par des enquêtes séparées du Parquet national financier.

Francisco Morillo & Helsinge defeat PDVSA in Switzerland

Gotham City reported yesterday "Affaire PDVSA: le ministère public rend 80 millions de dollars aux prévenus". In news that will surprise not a single person, Switzerland's Federal Tribunal decided to ignore evidence at hand and give back to Francisco Morillo $80 million that had been seized from personal and company accounts during a penal process that, while allegedly started by PDVSA, never got real traction within Nicolas Maduro's regime.

Moris Beracha was "Customer A" of Julio Herrera Velutini's Bancrédito

FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the U.S. Treasury, "In the matter of Bancrédito International Bank and Trust Corporation" included the following description: "Customer A, an associate of Executive A, was a Venezuelan national with residences in Venezuela, and Miami, Florida. Customer A opened a personal banking account at Bancrédito in March 2014.

Nicolas Maduro shows U.S. (again) free and fair elections will never happen in Venezuela

Allegedly, in the different rounds of "secret" negotiations between Jorge Rodriguez and Special Assistant to President Biden and National Security Council Senior Director for the Western Hemisphere Juan Gonzalez, free and fair elections was one of the main points. The topic of elections has also been central to talks between Nicolas Maduro's regime and the opposition with the participation of the U.S. State Department. Since 1999, there has been countless agreements and pacts that chavismo has entered and breached. That has been a constant.