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February 2022

Target Putin's facilitators

Putin's invasion into The Ukraine has produced a stream of historically unprecedented measures: Switzerland is meant to be considering freezing Russian assets; Turkey is pondering on closing the Strait of Istanbul to Russian navy; Germany is announcing creation of a defense fund with an initial €100 billion lump sum which will be replenished yearly with 2% of Germany's GDP; many European countries are sending weapons and resources to prevent Putin from

Putin invades Ukraine

Early this morning, at around 5:00am local time and on the back on Vladimir Putin's orders, Russian military forces launched a full out invasion of Ukraine. Sources report a naval blockade of the Sea of Azov, Ukranian military infrastructure under coordinated attack all around the country, tanks and trucks pouring in from Crimea, the two separatists regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, and Belarus. Kyiv is already in the grasp, as seen below.

Capitalism can fix Venezuela

The case of Cuba, and how decades of failed U.S. foreign policies never brought intended objective of dislodging that dictatorship, should be mandatory reading not only with all "customer-facing" State Department's diplomats, but with senior Congressmen, Senators and relevant American policy-making folk.