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October 2023

Who benefits from agreement in Barbados: Maduro or Maria Corina Machado?

The Washington Post published an editorial yesterday that concludes: "Whether Mr. Maduro now makes way for a truly competitive political process, or just collects oil revenue and pays lip service to democracy, will depend first on Mr. Maduro, but, second, on whether the opposition, Venezuelan civil society and the United States hold him to his commitments.

Nicolas Maduro gets sanctions relief, strings Joe Biden along on 2024 elections

With the presence of representatives from the European Union, the U.S., Latin American governments, and (some) Venezuelan opposition figures, the regime led by Nicolas Maduro agreed this week in Barbados to a "set of electoral guarantees" for the "upcoming presidential election" in the second semester of 2024. Maduro also submitted to electoral observers from the EU, U.N., African Union, and Carter Centre, and, crucially, agreed to audits of the electoral system.

Debate in Trinidad's Parliament: Dragon - Guiria - Point Fortin pipeline part of deal with Venezuela

Further to media announcements in late September about development of Dragon Field by Trinidad and Venezuela, the Maduro government is yet to give any indication as to what was signed and how the deal, which has to comply with U.S. Treasury's sanctions, will structure a non-cash paying mechanism to Venezuela. Deals of this nature signed by the Executive only become official, as far as current Venezuelan law is concerned, once Congress approves and orders publication in Official Gazette. That is yet to happen.

Smartmatic's business model (corruption) featured in Justice Department's criminal probe

The Venezuelan e-voting company Smartmatic features prominently in United States of America v Juan Andres Donato Bautista, a criminal complaint filed recently by Markenzy Lapointe, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. The complaint describes how Smartmatic, Antonio Mugica and other top executives of the firm bribed their way into a $199 million contract granted by Juan Andres Donato Bautista (bribes recipient). Bautista is a former head of Philippines's Commission on Elections (COMELEC).