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December 2021

On Majed Khalil's lawsuit against Fox News, Lou Dobbs & Sidney Powell

U.S. media has reported that Majed Khalil sued ($250 million - defamation) Fox News, Lou Dobbs and Sidney Powell. It couldn’t have happened to better people, honestly. However, Khalil just could not be further removed from the portrait of a much maligned, innocent and squeaky clean "Venezuelan businessman" his stupid Brown Rudnick counsel is depicting.

Venezuela open for business

Starbucks recently opened a shop in Caracas. It was an instant hit. Social media got inundated with the news, as sure sign that Venezuela is back on the mend. In other news, many sources report that Caracas looks different. There are bodegones (delis) popping all over the place. Restaurants and night clubs are filled with beautiful people. Some avenues in East Caracas are lit again, as part of a beautification effort launched by local authorities. The greenback is king... 

Is Twitter aiding and abetting wanted Venezuelan criminals?

The last couple of days this site's Twitter account was repeatedly locked. The first complaint for doxing was filed for a tweet about geolocation (4 Cowley Street London SW1P 3NB) of Derwick Associates' main thug Alejandro Betancourt (read this encore). Twitter demanded immediate deletion of tweet in question for "posting private media". However, none of the media used was private.