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January 2020

Switzerland's Federal Courts rule against Derwick / Gazprombank's money laundering

Gotham City reports today that Federal Courts in Switzerland have approved rogatory requests presented by Department of Justice (DoJ), with respect to involvement of Charles Henry de Beaumont, Luis Oberto Anselmi, and Ignacio Oberto Anselmi in a $4.5 billion money laundering scheme centered at PDVSA, first reported on this site in November 2015.

Jorge Rodriguez v Rafael Ramirez: chavista degenerates bitch fight round 1

What a spectacle, ladies and gentlemen, this promises to be. Right after popular wake to the news of Alejandro Betancourt funding Juan Guaido and using Guaido's father to provide bona fides to Rudy Giuliani, we had Jorge Rodriguez, the most corrupt political operator of chavismo in one corner, and Rafael Ramirez, the most corrupt financial operator of chavismo in the other, meeting in a virtual ring yesterday, to throw punches about Betancourt, Venezuela's most corrupt bolichico.

Deconstructing Juan Guaido's utterly corrupt regime

Reuters came up with another "exclusive" today: "Exclusive: Giuliani told U.S. his client deserves leniency for financing Venezuela's opposition - Parnas" It's about that -now infamous- meeting, in Alejandro Betancourt's El Alamin castle near Madrid, where President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani met with the Derwick thugs and Wilmer Guaido in early August 2019.

What Rafael Ramirez does not say...

Rafael Ramirez is a person of interest to this site. For over a decade, Ramirez was, simultaneously, Minister of Energy and Petroleum (MEP) and CEO of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). This can not be denounced enough: the watchdog (Minister) and the executive (CEO) can not reasonably be the same person, for when that happens "$700 billion disappear", as Ramirez admitted to Germany's Deutsche Welle (DW) recently.

U.S. Treasury sanctions Alex Saab's Congressmen, but Raul Gorrin & Alejandro Betancourt still calling shots in Venezuela's "opposition"

#ConMiCorruptoNoTeMetas is undoubtedly one of the most accurate ways to describe politics in Venezuela, a criollo "some corrupt thugs are more equal than others" version. The hashtag was coined by Daniel Lara Farias, a former Acción Democrática (AD) party member, who was assaulted with a baseball bat for exposing in his radio program the sons of Henry Ramos Allup (AD's eternal leader).

What next for Venezuela? Más guiso...

There was much conversation during Xmas about what will happen in Venezuela come January 5. When Juan Guaido came out of Leopoldo Lopez's direct negotiations with the State Department, and appointed himself as "interim President" in the middle of the street, clients and friends alike started asking: "what would happen now?" My answer, then and known, remains the same: absolutely nothing. Guaido never stood a chance.