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July 2019

Indicted by DoJ, sanctioned by Treasury, Alex Saab's corruption to test Ivan Duque's gov

Yesterday, Treasury sanctioned Alex Saab, while a DoJ's Grand Jury in South Florida indicted him and partner-in-crime Alvaro Pulido Vargas a/k/a German Rubio (see indictment below). This site took an interest in Alex Saab back in July 2013. I recall having been in touch with Ecuadorian journalist Gabriela Quiroz in the course of my research. At the time, Saab was involved in a multimillion-dollar racket with SUCRE, a regional currency exchange mechanism set up by Hugo Chavez and his socialist allies.

Gorrin, Betancourt, Convit to "liberate" Venezuela

Raul Gorrin Belisario, it could be argued, is the one boligarch with access to circles that matter in Venezuela: presidency, supreme court, army, intelligence, and boliburgeoisie. As such, he was right in the thick of an "arranged" coup, whereby Juan Guaido and boss Leopoldo Mandela were going to topple Nicolas Maduro. Trump administration officials were au courrant, encouraging the enterprise. Venezuela's Supreme Court Chief, Maikel Moreno, arguably an employee of Gorrin, was in on it. Vladimir Padrino, Venezuela's National Armed Forces boss, also took part.

Who's behind play on Venezuela's debt?

Check out the stuff below. Further, let's give it the benefit of the doubt. So an "unidentified buyer" buys "several hundred million" worth of otherwise useless debt. We are not told who traded / transacted this either. Almost simultaneously, Guaidó's debt people announced that all debt will be treated equally, that IMF will be asked for help, and funds, and that Venezuela will renegotiate the lot without regard to whether some creditors have favourable rulings. So let's venture a few guesses.

Trump's Venezuela policy is a monumental failure

It's got be said: Donald Trump's administration's policy vis-a-vis Venezuela is a monumental failure. It epitomises the saying "empiezan con brío y terminan con escalofrío." By now it is clear that its intended original goal, of removing Nicolas Maduro, has not only failed its objective, but has rallied Russia, China, Cuba, Turkey, Canada, Lima Group and most countries in Europe into an overtly anti Trump's "all options are on the table", baseless stance on acceptable and achievable solutions for Venezuela.