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May 2019

White Oak Advisory not involved in Venezuela's debt

Venezuela has been producing incredible amounts of stories lately, about uprisings, arrangements with chavista officials, about Russian and American mercenaries, about meetings, about how Maduro has a plane waiting to leave with Cilia, about how billions of dollars looted from the country will be recovered by friends of Leopoldo and Guaidó, about military invasions, about the debt... There are parties that would like to see Guaido fail, so they have a chance to recoup some of the money. There are parties that are gearing up for years of litigation.

Corimon boss Carlos Gill got $30mn from Adrian Velazquez at Pictet

Compliance and KYC documents seen by this site show that Pictet opened three bank accounts (128588, 128589, 128590) for Adrian Velasquez and Carlos Gill in early December 2013. Isaac Topel was in charge of account openings on intros made by Alberto Valenzuela and Jose Antonio Gago. Accounts ending 88, 89 were for a credit card and a company belonging to Velasquez in Nevis. Account 128590 was for Gill.

Venezuela Corruption Leagues: who's keeping count?

Hugo Carvajal in Spain and the U.S. Javier Alvarado Ochoa in Spain, Andorra, the U.S, Venezuela. Alex Saab, German Rubio (aka Alvaro Pulido) and Abelardo de la Espriella in Colombia, the U.S. Rafael Ramirez in the U.S., Portugal, Andorra, Spain. Fidel Ramirez in the U.S. Eudomario Carruyo in Andorra. Rafael Reiter, Alejandro Isturiz and Luis Carlos de Leon in Spain. Glenn Simpson, Peter Fritsch and Tom Catan in the U.S. Frank Holder in the U.S. Diego Salazar in Andorra, Brazil. Nervis Villalobos in Spain, Andorra, U.S., Venezuela, Portugal. Francisco Convit in the U.S. and Spain.

What happened yesterday in sui generis Venezuela?

It started before dawn. Juan Guaido, flanked by Leopoldo Lopez, were around La Carlota (military airport in East Caracas). Guaido made calls to transition and the start of "Operación Libertad". Lopez shouldn't have been there. House arrest conditions under SEBIN's watch meant that his symbolic presence had -at the very least- been allowed by SEBIN higher beings. Guaido and Lopez were surrounded by army, which meant some level of support. They were there, right by La Carlota for hours, i.e. whatever military contingent based in La Carlota did not attack, seek arrests.