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November 2018

UPDATED: As DoJ indicts Venezuelan Boligarchs threats / censorship ensue

More leaks suggest DoJ is preparing another set of indictments / charges against Venezuelan Boligarchs. This $4 billion money laudering gig will feature Charles Henry de Beaumont, his boss at Compagnie Bancaire Helvetique Joseph Benhamou; Pedro Binnagia, Pablo Custer and Dieter Stäubli at EFG Bank; and a yet-to-be-revealed banker Stephen Coleman and Peter Weinzierl at Meinl Bank.

Raul Gorrin, Angelo Mazzarella & Luis Maria Piñeyrüa Pittaluga

There's more to Raul Gorrin. The U.S. Department of Justice (bless them) has just scratched the surface. On Tuesday, December 1, 2009, Gorrin sent an email with -among others- the following instruction:

Monto 3.850.000

HSBC PRIVATE BANK (SWITZERLAND) SA 2, General Guisan CH­1211 Geneve swift: BLICCHGG

Attention: Angelo Mazzarella Beneficiary Bellsite Overseas S.A Account no. 1574680

The $1billion bribe official: Alejandro Andrade, Venezuela's former Treasury chief

It is quite difficult to make sense of the Justice Deparment's latest in fight against Venezuelan corruption (see full release below). Alejandro Andrade got to be appointed head of Banco del Tesoro (Treasury Deparment) out of pity. It weren't Andrade's financial credentials, of which he has none, that got him the job.

Global Witness clueless about PDVSA's corruption

Global Witness, self styled protector of "human rights and the environment by fearlessly confronting corruption and challenging the systems that enable it", is silent on PDVSA. As in absolutely silent. A search for PDVSA in Global Witness site returns one (1) result. Since 1993, which is when Global Witness claims to have started, nothing has been done regarding PDVSA's corruption, one that can very easily engulf all other corruption campaigns Global Witness has ever done put together.

Rafael Ramirez emerges in fresh corruption probe in Portugal

There's no rest for the wicked Rafael Ramirez. Beyond idiotic presidential aspirations that will never materialise, Ramirez is a hunted man. Add Portugal to U.S., Swiss, Andorra, Spanish and Venezuelan jurisdictions, where he remains a wanted man / person of interest. Many of his closest and most trusted partners-in-crime are in jail in some of those jurisdictions. The impending danger for Ramirez is that his lieutenants have already opened up.