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October 2013

Miguel Mawad...

Mucho se comenta sobre el catalogado "Galán de los Bolichicos" o el "bello bello de las finanzas" pero pocos saben la verdad de este personaje que ha llenado sus arcas a través de cualidades que no son el soborno y la matraca.... si no a través de la conquista de sus mujeres!!

Y es que lo que no muchos saben, es que este personaje siempre ha cobrado en cargos e instituciones dirigidas por una mujer.

Who's behind acquisition of Venezuela's largest newspaper?

Last Friday, the new board of Cadena Capriles, a media conglomerate that owns among other things Venezuela's largest newspaper, announced that a company called Latam Media Holding had recently acquired Cadena Capriles. The announcement came on the back of a previous one, made roughly five months ago by former CEO and owner Miguel Angel Capriles Lopez (a.k.a. "Michu"), claiming that the group of companies had been sold.

Angry with NSA hacking Ms Merkel? What about Bundesdruckerei and RaFa Nuñez?

Countless words have been printed in the last few days about Angela Merkel's reaction to the news that the US government bugged her phone, and President Obama having even been briefed about in 2010 and doing nothing to "halt the operation" by the NSA. In this post Wikileaks and Snowden era we live in, that ever so defining and most useful of politicians' treats -hypocrisy- no longer cuts mustard. For Merkel's "outrage" is just that: utter hypocrisy. To illustrate the point, I shall provide an example that may have escaped Frau Merkel's "public indignation" radar.

Is FTI Consulting’s LatAm Division Ever Going to be a Shareholder Concern?

Public companies trade on their earnings, management team, and in great part on their name. How the market perceives a company has the most impact on stock price. It follows that multinational corporations apportion considerate amount of resources to PR and brand-reputation protection. Wall Street history is littered with examples of what happens to a stock’s price when a company becomes embroiled in scandals, corporate malfeasance, or fraud.

Venezuela: government tries to silence information on Air France drug haul

The BBC reported it as "Police at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport have seized 1.3 tonnes of pure cocaine on board an Air France flight from Venezuela, French officials say." For Venezuela observers this is nothing new. What's surprising about it, is how Venezuela's "CSIRT" is trying to block information about those believed to be responsible. See below.

Eduardo Travieso: The Derwick Associates - JP Morgan Connection

Been trying to get a clearer picture of the involvement of JP Morgan in laundering millions of dollars siphoned out of Venezuela by Derwick Associates. A source recently pointed me in the right direction, and so I found in New York property records' database documents that demonstrate, beyond reasonable doubt, that JP Morgan bankers purchased property -as proxies- on behalf of Derwick Associates, while it also granted a $5.8 million mortgage on said property.