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Raul Gorrin refuted DoJ charges, by posting evidence of own corruption

Raul Gorrin must have lost it. It is kind of impossible to make sense of the following thread, posted by Gorrin in his Twitter account a few hours ago:

In his absolute derangement, Gorrin finds acceptable to refute charges presented against him by the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) for which he remains a fugitive, by, erm, posting documents, passports, letters to EFG Bank, references to his HSBC accounts and other evidence on his Twitter account!

This is beyond insanity. Gorrin's level of delusion is Napoleonic. For let us never forget: this is a man from extremely humble origins, who stole his way to fame and fortune. There isn't a single dollar this thug has made in his life that would pass muster. He comes from a gutter in Caracas, somehow got a law degree, and formed a gang known as "Los Enanos" (the dwarfs, hence small man syndrome). They started an extortion racket, with the ever so keen a$$istance of German Ferrer and wife Luisa Ortega Diaz.

The notoriety gained in the underworld allowed Gorrin & Co to "diversify". Soon, they were in control of multibillion dollar money laundering schemes with Alejandro Andrade, head of Venezuela's Treasury. Recall Andrade's guilty plea, whereby he admitted to have received $1 billion worth of bribes from Gorrin & Co. Claudia Diaz (Hugo Chavez's former nurse) replaced Andrade at Treasury, but that didn't stop the loot of Gorrin and his associates. 

Raul Gorrin requests $4,000,000 transfer to EFG Bank

In light of DoJ charges filed against him, Gorrin must have thought he would "clear his name". Gorrin is a lawyer, but something must be rattling him. He must have decided that Twitter is the appropriate venue to refute DoJ claims, and posted a bunch of documents, like the one above: a letter to EFG Bank requesting a $4,000,000 transfer to Patric Love Holdings INC. Gorrin claims Patric Love is a company owned by Spanish citizen María Torres Millan, whose passport Gorrin also published (no doxxing there for Twitter...).

Gorrin also confirmed information published by this site years ago about his HSBC account.

Raul Gorrin sells boat to Armando Capriles

But perhaps the biggest faux pas was to shed light on sale of a boat to none other than Armando Capriles, aka Pelón / Coco Capriles, one of the biggest beasts in Venezuela's Boligarch leagues. It was, of course, a natural fit. Capriles is a long time partner of Danilo Diazgranados, who did also a phenomenal amount of Treasury "business" with Andrade, Diaz, PDVSA, etc.

Mention of source and legitimacy of funds is completely absent from Gorrin's Twitter rant. He must truly think that he's beyond point of providing credible justification for the millions he moves around. Hopefully, DoJ will make good use of Gorrin's volunteered intel, and will get on with probing Armando Capriles, EFG, HSBC, and María Torres Millan.

The other explanation could also be that Gorrin is signalling to DoJ the kind of intel he can bring to the table...

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