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June 2022

Alejandro Betancourt paid (at least) €500,000 to Martin Rodil

Fresh reports from Spain indicate that Alejandro Betancourt, CEO of Derwick Associates, paid Martin Rodil €500,000 for protection through a shell called Erasmus Haven. The news come in the context of arrest, in Switzerland, of Luis Fernando Vuteff one of the "bankers" involved in Money Flight, the $1.2 billion money laundering scheme set up by Rafael Ramirez and his friends.

Jorge Rodriguez impossible odds against Juan Carlos Escotet

If we were in the business of betting, we wouldn’t give any odds to Jorge Rodriguez's threat against Juan Carlos Escotet. Rodriguez is meant to be upset for something Escotet did, and claimed recently that he was coming after him. He accused Escotet of belonging to a group of "banqueros ladrones" that have everyone on payroll, as if that is something that just hit him and not standard operating procedure in Venezuela. Rodriguez knows where Escotet's bodies are buried, of course, but he stands no chance of inflicting any damage whatsoever.

Spain's corrupt police protected Villalobos, Aguilera, Alvarado Ochoa, Reiter, Gorrin, Urdaneta and Beracha

New development in the extortion racket led by DEA-informant Martin Rodil: Nervis Villalobos, Carlos Aguilera, Javier Alvarado Ochoa, Rafael Reiter, Raul Gorrin, Carmelo Urdaneta Aqui and Moris Beracha bought Rodil's "protection" in Spain to stay out of trouble. Rodil's Spanish network included disgraced Police Chief José Manuel Villarejo and his partner José Aliste as per fresh reports.