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April 2014

The Whistleblower's Conundrum

Marathon runners hit the wall. Writers block. But how could the moral dilemma confronting many investigative bloggers / journalists be defined? The image of the whistleblower, of late, has been appropriated by Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. By revealing information they had been given conditional access to, both individuals broke the law. Now, they are living with the consequences. It is a daunting issue. A given person comes across confidential, secret, potentially explosive information.

Venezuela keeps outsourcing corruption to Iran

An email from someone alleging to represent a construction company from Iraq made its way into my inbox recently:

Hello & Salam Elicum, I was referred to you from our Business Representative Manager in Venezuela.

I’m the South America Regional Director of Al-Bilal Group, we are a large construction company in the Middle East as you can see on our website.

We were just approached for cooperation for a major construction project by a construction company in Caracas region.