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December 2013

End of year message

2013 has been a good year. INFODIO was launched at the end of July, and has managed to get 779,426 page views thus far, positioning itself as the prime source in exposing corruption in Venezuela. While it would be foolish to claim that the site covers it all, it is not a stretch saying that it has contributed significantly to shed light on some issues that would have gone unnoticed otherwise.

Derwick Associates: from Power Plants to Agricultural Plants

In another hilarious chapter in the Derwick Associates saga (a company of twenty-somethings with no experience in the energy sector that received 12 power plant contracts for billions of dollars thanks to one of their school chums, who just-so-happens to be the son of the government minister assigning the contracts), the holding company they have in Spain has just changed its name. Now, the "powerful" American-sounding company that bought a €22.7 million hunting estate in Toledo and luxury apartments in Madrid, is to be called COMPAÑIA DE INVERSIONES AGRICOLAS TRIESTE SL.