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Medium joins Twitter, censors information on Venezuela's Corruption

Medium has joined the fray of social media censors. As usual, the Derwick thugs are behind this move. No problem though: below I repost what Medium considers a breach of their rules. But what is Medium really censoring here? Reporting from Reuters, Bloomberg, Switzerland's Department of Justice and Police, and the Department of Justice. PD: can I just shout to these social media imbeciles that Christian Maldonado already pleaded guilty for involvement in corruption? As for Pedro Trebbau, well, we shall be hearing about that thug soon enough...

UPDATED – Swiss authorities confirm U.S. investigating Derwick Associates

alek boyd
Mar 24, 2016 · 3 min read

PDVSA employee Christian Maldonado, who had extensive deals with Derwick Associates, pleaded guilty in related criminal investigation.

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