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Nicolas Maduro sold Nynas to mistery buyer?

A ruling from Judge Leonard P.  Stark of U.S. District Court in Delaware (case Rusoro Mining Ltd. v. Bolivarian Rep. of Venezuela, 21-mc-00481-LPS) claims that Juan Guaidó had objected to the sale by Nicolas Maduro's regime of a 35% stake that PDVSA had in Nynas. This site has covered extensively Nynas's reorganisation process. Thus far there is no public evidence of said sale, but rather about a divestment (parking) of stake in an "independent Swedish foundation" controlled by Nynas's management (Fredrik Lundström and Maria Uhlman Björkholm). No party has bought that 35%, it was simply a measure negotiated with OFAC to lift sanctions imposed on Nynas due to the fact that PDVSA had a controlling 50.1%.

Nynas 35% stake has not been sold.Is Judge Stark privy to information no one else knows? Somewhere else in the ruling, he writes that "In May 2020, PDVSA, acting through its European subsidiary PDVSA Europa, sold a significant and valuable stake in Nynas..."

Who, exactly, bought this stake? How about Guaidó, does he, or his useless attorneys, know who the buying party is? How come there are no news report, apart from the "independent Swedish foundation" mentioned above? If parking of PDVSA's 35% stake in that foundation was a clever chavista way to actually sell to a third party, how come former CEO of Nynas Bo Askvik (no longer involved), Fredrik Lundström and Maria Uhlman Björkholm (both still with Nynas) are still named as board members? When was this transaction booked? What jurisdiction is the buyer from? Is OFAC aware who the buyer is?


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