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Nicolasito's friends elbow Betancourt & Russian partners from Petrozamora

Brothers Ricardo and Santiago Moron Hernandez, proxies for Nicolas Ernesto Maduro Guerra (son of Nicolas Maduro) have elbowed Alejandro Betancourt, fugitive Francisco Convit and their FSB associates from Petrozamora. Bloomberg reported news about Gazmin International having taken the 40% holding that used to belong to Gazprombank Latin America Ventures, the Dutch shell used for Betancourt & co to participate in the joint venture with PDVSA that formed Petrozamora. Ricardo and Santiago Moron Hernandez are said to be the ultimate controlling parties behind Dubai-registered Gazmin.

Betancourt & co had kept their names hidden in relation to Petrozamora until this site revealed their involvement and partnership with "diplomat" and former Gazprom executive FSB's Boris Ivanov, FSB's Vladimir Anisimov and others.

The move by OFAC-sanctioned Moron Hernandez brothers signals a loss of clout by Betancourt & Convit in the new chavista reality, where Maduro gives family and friends more control over Venezuela's economy. The Moron Hernandez pair have already been exposed in Venezuelan media for their connections to criminal activities.

Previous reports about Petrozamora indicated that PDVSA had taken over the "Russian stake", read Betancourt & co. However no evidence has been published in Venezuelan Official Gazette (Gaceta Oficial) about it. Any change in ownership of Petrozamora has to be reported to the Ministry of Energy, whose approval is necessary, and has to be reported in Gaceta to become official.


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