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Salvador Lairet

Name - Salvador Lairet
Location - Miami

Money laundering and extortion

Extortion of companies and businesses by determining which companies receive CADIVI dollars. His inner circle working within CADIVI are in his pocket. Option 1) Company agree to pay Lairet and his associates a percentage of Dollars received from CADIVI for assistance  in the allocation of Dollars for import for the company. Option 2) Companies with an existing RUSAD (like EIN for Company) rent out the company, so Lairet and partners can pass through large sums through CADIVI through the company. Playing around with the exchange rate and monetizing hugely.  Importation mark ups are so large, they import empty containers and still make a profit.

Laundering money through various venues, but the most blatant and insulting one is through MYNT nightclub Miami.  In which Lairet has been seen to spend over $500,000 on a single night.  Deal with nightclub owner Romain Zago, Lairet spends millions in the club, in return  MYNT then transfer 80% of the funds back to him and keeps 20% for laundering the money.  Lairet has been seeing buying multimillion dollar residences and boats.  And is a disgrace to Venezuela.