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Julito Herrera Velutini's man makes it to Number 10

Mark Fullbrook -Julito Herrera Velutini's partner in crime in Puerto Rico- was featured in The Sunday Times's "No 10 chief of staff in FBI inquiry over 'election bribe' in Puerto Rico." Fullbrook is challenging the article. Translation: Liz Truss's right hand man is part of FBI / DoJ criminal probe along Julio Herrera Velutini in Puerto Rico, and will do everything with his newly acquired power to silence anyone questioning his station. Sarawak Report raises further issues here. No English media is saying it, but Mark Fullbrook was THE BRIBE that Herrera Velutini gave the now disgraced, charged and arrested former governor of Puerto Rico. Remember, this is the "new Tory government" that will end sleaze.

Mark Fullbrook, part of FBI probe in Puerto Rico.

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