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PDVSA 1.2bn money laudering case: conspirators named

Further to embezzlement of $1.2 billion from PDVSA, for which U.S. Department of Justice indicted Francisco Convit and Matthias Krull, the full list of named conspirators (see below) has been leaked to this site. Expectedly Derwick Associates execs are all involved, as well as other equally criminal Venezuelan "businessmen", PDVSA officials and, even, Nicolas Maduro.

Conspirator #1: Alvaro Ledo Nass (former PDVSA general counsel).

Conspirator #2: Alejandro Betancourt (Derwick CEO).

Conspirator #3: Adolfo Ledo Nass (brother of Alvaro Ledo Nass).

Conspirator #4: Orlando Alvarado (Derwick CFO).

Conspirator #5: Ralph Steinmann (Swiss national, financial advisor, Aquila SwissInvest).

Conspirator #6: Luis Fernando Vuteff (Argentine national, financial advisor, Aquila SwissInvest).

Conspirator #7: Raul Gorrín.

Conspirator #8: Mario Bonilla Valera.

Conspirator #9: Gustavo Perdomo (Gorrin’s brother in law; Krull client).

Venezuela Official #1: Victor Eduardo Aular Blanco (former PDVSA general counsel).

Venezuela Official #2: Nicolas Maduro (President of Venezuela).

Venezuela Official #3: another client of Matias Krull (related to Derwick and Gorrín).

Under Pedro Binaggia (Confidential Source):

Laura Binaggia (sister of Confidential Source and his associate).

Tax & Finance Limited (2 entities): Pedro Binaggia entities (domiciled in New Zealand and in Dubai) that appear as recipient of payments of the PDVSA fraud scheme.

Fenice SICAV Fund: Luxembourg fund of Pedro Binaggia (in liquidation for insolvency).

Mauro Cadorin (in prison in Italy for money laundering): Pedro Binaggia associate; former director of Tax & Finance Limited.

Marco Sturlese (in prison in Italy for money laundering): Pedro Binaggia associate; former director of Fenice fund.

Banca Zarattini: Lugano based bank used by Pedro Binaggia.

Deltec Bank: Bahamas based bank used by Pedro Binaggia.


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