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Threatened by Smartmatic's Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Act 1: an employee of Smartmatic, a technology company let's not forget, makes a threat in comment section of Daniel's blog, leaving his IP address (

Act 2: using a pseudonym (cmostaza), the same employee makes another comment, from the same IP address.

Act 3: Alek remembers comments of cmostaza in Twitter, and Googles "/coronel mostaza/" "/smartmatic/"

Act 4: Alek clicks on Google link and finds out that cmostaza is Luis Acuña.

Act 5: Alek Googles "/luis acuña/" "/smartmatic/" and finds, among other interesting bits, this (source) that identifies Luis Acuña as Smartmatic's Marketing & Communication Coordinator:

These are the 'efficient' people that run elections around the world, and are meant to keep biometric information safe. Scary. Mexican readers note: the threats from this "Dutch company" come from Caracas.
UPDATE: Luis Acuña, Smartmatic's Marketing & Communications Coordinator  has written to clarify his position. His comment follows:
Goof evening Mr. Boyd. It's true, I am Cmostaza, however I have not threatened you in anyway, that's pseudonym I use in the internet, it's not that hard to trace back to me as you have obviously demonstrated. Whatever I did, I did personally not representing the company, just today before leaving the comment in Daniel's blog I talked directly to you in Twitter, using my real name, I have nothing to hide. I admit writing comments on twitter and on the blog I however did not have anything to do with the e-mail you received earlier.

I assure you that even with our differences I do not condone violence in anyway. I have my points of views about yourself, but I would never stoop so low as to threaten a person. I am sorry to have fueled whatever fears you may have, and I am deeply sorry you believe either Smartmatic or myself could endorse such a repulsive action. All I asked was where was the threat which I did not (and still don't) see.

My reply: Mr. Acuña, thanks for dropping by and proving my point so quickly. You have indeed threatened me, by stating "I wonder if he can keep doing so and still get away with it." What exactly do you mean by "still get away with it"?

Is this how Smartmatic, according to you a company formed by "honest, hard working & talented professionals", deals with perfectly valid and sourced criticism? Will Smartmatic reprimand you because of this action?

Since you are Smartmatic's Marketing & Communications Coordinator, could you tell us:

  1. in which countries of Europe has Smartmatic being contracted, as stated by Mr. Cook recently in Mexico? 
  2. Where's the evidence that Smartmatic bought back from the Venezuelan government the shares it acquired through proxy Omar Montilla? 
  3. Why did Smartmatic drop Sequoia and ran away from the CFIUS probe?
  4. How come Smartmatic software continues to be in use in the USA through Sequoia? 
  5. How much does Smartmatic gets from Sequoia for the use of its technology? 
  6. What sort of professional relations has Jack Blaine with Smartmatic? 
  7. Did Smartmatic applied for working permits for the Venezuelans that were flown to monitor elections in Chicago in 2006? 
  8. Why did Smartmatic/Sequoia machines did not perform adequately in Chicago? 
  9. Could you please provide us with evidence of independent audits that have been carried out in Smartmatic voting equipment and biometric technology?
  10. Why have Venezuelans not been informed of the final results of the constitutional referendum of 2007? 
  11. Can Smartmatic provide evidence of having been contracted in open, transparent and fair public tenders in Venezuela? 
  12. Since 2003, how much money have the honest folks that run Smartmatic taken from the Chavez regime? 
  13. How much in taxes has been paid to SENIAT?
  14. Where's the rest of the money stashed?
  15. Why did the "decent, righteous and capable" Antonio Mugica threaten former employees? 
  16. How did Smartmatic manage to get the contract in the Philippines? 
  17. Why did Smartmatic access servers remotely during a regional election in Mindanao, Philippines? 
  18. Do Smartmatic machines maintain bidirectional communication with polling stations during voting in the Philippines, as it does in Venezuela? 
  19. Where does Smartmatic pays its taxes? 
  20. Is Smartmatic prepared to show its last returns? 
  21. Whatever happen to the investigation into the death of Alfredo Anzola? 
  22. Why did Jorge Rodriguez, acting at the time as Venezuela Electoral Council Chief, go to Italy to close the deal with Olivetti on behalf of Smartmatic?
  23. Who pocketed the +$20 million overprice? 
  24. Why did Smartmatic pick up the tab of luxury holidays of Jorge Rodriguez? 
  25. Why has Smartmatic got such a convoluted ownership structure? 
  26. Is Smartmatic prepared to publish a full disclosure of its activities, employees, financial operations? 
  27. How come Smartmatic was illegally subcontracted by NEC Argentina in Bolivia, for the provision of biometric technology, considering that its bid was rejected by Bolivian electoral authorities? 
  28. How come Bolivia's electoral roll increased its numbers, once Smartmatic got involved? 
  29. What was the issue between TIM and Smartmatic in Philippines? 
  30. How did Smartmatic manage to get into a public tender for the provision of biometric technology in Mexico, when it lacks a track record on the provision of such services anywhere in the world? 
  31. Why did Smartmatic use contact details of a collaborator of Fernando Gómez Mont to register its bid? 
  32. Did Smartmatic pay any bribes in Mexico? 
  33. If so, how much and to whom? 
  34. What's Smartmatic position on similar allegations made in the Philippines?
  35. And in Bolivia? 
  36. Who controls the totalisation room of the CNE in Venezuela? 
  37. Is it true, as Gen. Raul Baduel said to me, that monitors have been placed in a Venezuelan military compound (CUFAN), so that the army can follow in real time how elections are going and act accordingly upon being ordered by Chavez? 
  38. Is Antonio Mugica in any way related to Venezuela Ambassador to the USA Bernardo Alvarez Herrera? 
  39. Was the late Alfredo Anzola related to Mr. Alvarez Herrera? 
  40. Why did documents of incorporation of SBC disappear, from the notary office of Jose Vicente Rangel's daugher in Cubo Negro, upon publication of Richard Brand's article in the Miami Herald? 
  41. Whatever happened with the investigation for tax evasion that US authorities were conducting on Smartmatic? 
  42. How about the one from the FBI? 
  43. Has Smartmatic developed any expansion plans into ALBA countries? 
  44. When will Smartmatic start operations in Cuba? 
  45. Finally, you say you don't condone violence in any way. How come you work for a company that rigs elections for a militaristic putschist then? 
  46. Where were you when you made those comments and threats, at home, or at work? 
  47. Did you do it following instructions from above? 
  48. If so, who told you to slander/threaten me? 
  49. Why did you hide behind different pseudonyms? 
  50. Is that your idea of honesty, and transparency?

I take you're well placed, sufficiently knowledgeable -since you have know Smartmatic since 2001, and eager to answer this set of questions, that will help dispel somewhat the apprehensions that many people and authorities have towards Smartmatic around the world. I will advice caution in replying, while stressing upon one maxim: "shooting the messenger never works".