BBC institutional bias against Fernando Alonso?

This is something I would like to ask to those commenting on F1 pre-season. Yesterday, BBC's F1 website posted an article entitled "Novice Nico Hulkenberg upstages Fernando Alonso"

The much hyped Lewis Hamilton also took part in that day's test, and so did Michael Schumacher. Now I don't think is necessary to insult people's intelligence by stressing that both Hamilton and Schumacher are world champions, the latter widely considered the greatest of all time.

But the editorial team did not considered fitting to title the article "Novice Nico Hulkenberg upstages Michael Schumacher". And perish the thought of a headline such as "Novice Nico Hulkenberg upstages Lewis Hamilton", both of which would have been equally correct.

So my question is simple really: what is the reason of the BBC's bias, as far as F1 reporting is concerned, against Alonso? Is it because of his, fortunately, brief stint at McLaren? Is it because of the nature of its funding (British taxpayers)? Mind you, Hulkenberg upstaged everyone that day. Why did editors saw fitting to chose one particular name, over all the rest?