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End of year message

2013 has been a good year. INFODIO was launched at the end of July, and has managed to get 779,426 page views thus far, positioning itself as the prime source in exposing corruption in Venezuela. While it would be foolish to claim that the site covers it all, it is not a stretch saying that it has contributed significantly to shed light on some issues that would have gone unnoticed otherwise.

We have noticed an increase in visits from Federal Agencies and similar institutions across Europe. We can claim that some of the stuff published is being used in investigations, which will hopefully lead to prosecutions and bring those responsible to justice.

2014 promises to be even better, as a serious attempt at expanding the site's scope will be made (focus will be Latin America and the interplay between its dodgy operators and developed nations). For this effort to materialise INFODIO is counting on readers' generosity, while we are extremely grateful for all donations -whether large or small. We promise total confidentiality in this respect.

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We would like to thank all our readers for the continued support, and wish all a happy and successful 2014.